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The Beast Unleashed

The Beast Unleashed
Now at every cash table. Now with no fees.

The world’s most popular weekly online poker points race is going to be way more lucrative. The days of having to search for special Beast jackpot tables will be over because EVERY CASH TABLE* at DSI Poker will be a Beast table.

Not interested in paying a jackpot fee? Don’t worry. As of April 5th, 2014 at 7:00 a.m. ET we will get rid of it. Completely. Instead, we will be throwing a chunk of the rake we collect into the Beast weekly prize distribution.

So hold on to your money and focus on taming The Beast. It’s out of control. It’s totally free. And it’s way more rewarding than ever.

You play. We pay to feed The Beast.

Out of every $0.06 in rake we collect, $0.02 will go back to feed The Beast. There is no change to how we collect rake. The low rake that you’re used to at DSI Poker stays the same.

How we collect and distribute

With more players participating in The Beast, the weekly prize pool will grow bigger and faster. The amount of Beast prize money that will be collected per hand depends on how many players are seated at the table:

Players at the TableCash to feed The BeastMax. Amount
2 players at the table $0.02 out of every $0.06 in rake up to$ 0.04
3 players at the table $0.02 out of every $0.06 in rake up to$ 0.08
4 players or more at the table $0.02 out of every $0.06 in rake up to $0.24

Earning points for playing

With every cash table now a Beast table, all contributing players will earn points toward the leaderboard competition. You’ll earn 1 point for every $0.02 fed to The Beast generated by you using the Weighted Contributed Rake methodology.


In a 9-handed full ring table, let’s say everyone folds except for four players (A, B, C and D), each then pay $1 to see the flop.

Player A goes all-in on the flop for another $50. Players B and C folds and player D calls the $50. The total pot size is now $104. At the end of the hand $3 rake gets taken from the pot ($2.76 as net rake and $0.24 is fed to The Beast).

When using the Weighted Contributed method, only the four contributing players receive points, and the number of points they’ll earn depends on how much rake they contributed:

  • Player A receives 5.25 Points
  • Player B receives 0.75 Point
  • Placer C receives 0.75 Point
  • Placer D receives 5.25 Points

*Heads-up tables do not qualify for this promotion.