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Diamond sportsbook is the place to make all of your horse betting wagers. You can make last minute wagers on a horse race right up to post time. The computer tracks all of your plays and pays you accordingly. It is so much easier when all of your wagers are tabulated, tracked, and logged by the computer instead of having to hold onto race tickets. The ability to wager on horses around the world from the comfort of your own home is very appealing to horse bettors and Diamond sportsbook has all of the best horse racing odds and horse betting options.

Win, Place and Show

The three basic bets in racebook betting are win, place, and show. That means finishing first, second or third in a horse race. If you bet a horse to place, if he finishes first or second you win your bet. If you bet to show, he needs to finish in one of the top three spots for you to collect.


Also available are exactas, quinellas, trifectas, the pick three, the pick four and the pick six. The exacta is picking the exact order of finish of the first two horses in a race. A quinella is either or your two horses finishing first or second while a trifecta is betting the exact order of the first three horses in a race. Other exotic online horse betting wagers include the daily double, pick three, pick four, or pick 6. You have to get the winner of three races in a row to hit the pick three, four in a row for the pick 4 and six in a row for the pick 6 in horse betting. The daily double is usually the first two races of the day or the last two in horse racing. Pick three’s are usually available all the time, while pick 4’s are normally the last four races of the day and the pick 6 is usually the last 6 races of the day at the track.

Boxing Horses

You also have the choice of boxing horses together in horse racing betting. For example, if you box three horses in each race of a pick three it would cost you a total of $27 in horse racing betting. That way if any of your three horses won each race, you would be a winner. Boxing three horses in each leg of a pick four would cost you $81. That would be 3x3x3x3 to give you the total of $81 on your pick four ticket. The pick three and pick four examples above were based on one dollar bets.

Horse Racing Handicapping

When you are betting horses you are looking at many factors as you figure a horse's chances for winning at the racetrack. What you usually look for in horse racing betting is a way of finding advantages. The handicapping starts with looking at what is in the Daily Racing Form. That info includes the past performance of a horse, the jockey that will be riding a horse, and other factors like trainer, speed, track conditions, etc. The past performance of a horse is the first place to start and what you must look at. Don’t go back more than just a few races though as what happened a year or two ago probably won’t have much bearing on today’s.

Another factor in horse betting is the jockey. The better jockeys win races more often than not. A good jockey can give a horse the edge in many races. Look for a solid jockey when you make your horse betting picks.

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