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12:05 PM
COL ROCKIESJ DE LA ROSA -L-ov7½-105 53.9% -105 24.1%
PHI PHILLIESA HARANG -R-un7½-115 46.2% -115 75.9%
1:10 PM
ARI D'BACKSJ HELLICKSON -R-ov8½-110 83.3% +115 50.0%
MIL BREWERSK LOHSE -R-un8½-110 16.7% -135 50.0%
1:10 PM
WAS NATIONALSG GONZALEZ -L-ov7½-115 62.5% -131 89.5%
CIN REDSR IGLESIAS -R-un7½-105 37.5% +111 10.5%
1:10 PM
MIA MARLINST KOEHLER -R-ov7½EV 60.0% +110 15.2%
NY METSJ NIESE -L-un7½-120 40.0% -130 84.9%
4:15 PM
LA DODGERSC FRIAS -R-ov7½-105 50.0% +125 25.7%
STL CARDINALSM WACHA -R-un7½-115 50.0% -145 74.3%
7:05 PM
ATL BRAVESW PEREZ -R-ov7-110 40.0% +125 36.4%
SFO GIANTST LINCECUM -R-un7-110 60.0% -145 63.6%
7:10 PM
PIT PIRATESC MORTON -R-ov7-105 33.3% EV 45.5%
SDG PADREST ROSS -R-un7-115 66.7% -120 54.6%


11:10 AM
TOR BLUE JAYSA SANCHEZ -R-ov8½-110 66.7% +105 27.5%
MIN TWINSK GIBSON -R-un8½-110 33.3% -125 72.5%
1:05 PM
TB RAYSE RAMIREZ -R-ov8½EV 22.2% +111 41.7%
BAL ORIOLESW CHEN -L-un8½-120 77.8% -131 58.3%
1:10 PM
CHI WHITE SOXJ QUINTANA -L-ov7½-105 60.0% +140 27.8%
HOU ASTROSD KEUCHEL -L-un7½-115 40.0% -165 72.2%
4:15 PM
BOS RED SOXW MILEY -L-ov9½-115 33.3% -135 50.0%
TEX RANGERSA GONZALEZ -R-un9½-105 66.7% +115 50.0%
7:05 PM
NY YANKEESN EOVALDI -R-ov7½EV 40.0% +105 71.4%
OAK ATHLETICSJ HAHN -R-un7½-120 60.0% -125 28.6%
7:05 PM
DET TIGERSS GREENE -R-ov7½-110 33.3% +111 71.4%
LA ANGELSJ WEAVER -R-un7½-110 66.7% -131 28.6%
7:10 PM
CLE INDIANSS MARCUM -R-ov8-110 14.3% +125 61.5%
SEA MARINERSR ELIAS -L-un8-110 85.7% -145 38.5%


4:15 PM
CHI CUBST WADA -L---115 29.4%
Percentages represent the number of bets placed on each side of any given wager.

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Sportsbook Betting

No matter what your favorite sport, the online sportsbook is your best choice for placing these bets. Gamblers have never had it so good when they bet on sports. When you bet on sports you can follow line moves and time changes right on your screen and at your fingertips, making it far less likely that you will overlook anything.

The most popular sport to wager on at the sportsbook is pro football. Fans love to bet all of the options in the NFL at the sportsbook. In addition to sides, totals, money lines, parlays and teasers, gamblers can also wager on propositions at the sportsbook when it comes to NFL betting.

Other sports like soccer, hockey, baseball, auto racing, NASCAR, golf, etc. are also very popular at the sportsbook. Gamblers get a wide variety of choices for the major sports but also on other sports like UFC, tennis, rugby and even surfing.

Sportsbook betting does begin with the basics of pointspread wagering, which is done primarily on football and basketball games. Pointspread wagering at the sportsbook, also known as “line,” “side,” or “spread,” betting is where gamblers take points on the dog or lay points with the favorite at the Internet sportsbook. Another popular way to participate in sportsbook betting is the over/under, which is also referred to as “totals” betting. This is where gamblers will wager on whether or not the combined score between two teams will go over or under a number set by the oddsmakers.

The money line is the primary way to participate in hockey and baseball sportsbook betting but is also offered on most football and basketball games where the pointspread is below double-digits. The money line is where gamblers lay odds on the favorite or take odds on the dog, without pointspreads, which makes it appealing to many gamblers as all they have to do is win the game.

Halves wagering are an ever increasingly popular form of betting at the sportsbook, particularly the halftime lines in NFL and college football. Halves are just what they say, betting only on one half of a game at the sportsbook.

Futures are a form of betting where you can get odds on the league or national championships for teams as well as over/under numbers on team win totals for the regular season. Futures betting is popular on big events such as the Super Bowl, World Series, NBA Championship, NCAA Championship, etc.

Propositions are where gamblers can wager on which player will score first or the most or how many penalties will be drawn by a team. You can even bet on the over/under for NASCAR racing caution flags at an Internet sportsbook. Proposition wagering is most popular on marquee events like the Super Bowl or Monday Night Football.