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NFL - FUTURES - Sep 09 


CARDINALS+39004.1% --
FALCONS+29002.4% --
RAVENS+38002.0% --
BILLS+85001.1% --
PANTHERS+28001.7% --
BEARS+28005.7% --
BENGALS+32001.1% --
BROWNS+70002.4% --
COWBOYS+43003.0% --
BRONCOS+5554.6% --
LIONS+40002.6% --
PACKERS+16007.1% --
TEXANS+45000.6% --
COLTS+26005.9% --
JAGUARS+180001.7% --
CHIEFS+40003.0% --
DOLPHINS+45000.6% --
VIKINGS+115002.6% --
PATRIOTS+7904.6% --
SAINTS+23004.4% --
GIANTS+35001.3% --
JETS+60002.6% --
RAIDERS+200005.0% --
EAGLES+30004.6% --
STEELERS+34002.9% --
CHARGERS+33004.0% --
49ERS+6458.4% --
SEAHAWKS+4974.4% --
RAMS+55002.0% --
BUCS+55001.0% --
TITANS+70000.3% --
REDSKINS+43002.4% --
Percentages represent the number of bets placed on each side of any given wager.


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