Analyzing the Best NBA Props for the Upcoming Preseason

Eduardo MarinNBA

The NBA preseason is a hotbed for prop bets, offering a glimpse into the upcoming regular season. As we approach the 2023 preseason, several intriguing props have caught the attention of bettors and analysts alike. In this article, we’ll analyze the best NBA props for the upcoming preseason.

1. Contenders to Take on the Nuggets

One of the biggest questions this preseason is identifying the best contenders to challenge the Denver Nuggets. Props related to this could include bets on teams like the Lakers or Bucks to win their respective conferences.

2. Player Movement Props

ESPN mentions that star player movements are among the biggest questions this preseason. Props could include bets on which player will be traded or sign with a new team.

3. Team and Player Props

There are several highlights from various team and player props for the 2023/24 season. These could range from player performance metrics like points per game to team win totals.

4. Win Total Under Bets

BetDSI suggests that the Spurs under 30.5 wins is the best bet on the board, based on their performance last year. This could be an interesting prop to consider.

5. Preseason Preparation

As the 2023-24 NBA season approaches, it’s time to prepare for what should be another exciting season. Props related to preseason preparation could include bets on which rookies will make the most impact or which teams will excel in preseason games.

The upcoming NBA preseason offers a variety of prop betting opportunities. Whether you’re interested in team dynamics, player performance, or even potential trades, there’s a prop bet that can pique your interest. As always, make sure to do your research and stay updated on team news to make the most informed bets.