BetDSI Casino Certified Fair Gambling –

This casino payout report was prepared by Certified Fair Gambling on behalf of Casino Solutions, who is the supplier of gaming software to the on-line casino:

  • Casino: BetDSI Casino
  • Currency: U.S. Dollars
  • URL:

The following table shows the payout percentage for each type of game, as well as the payout percentage for all games, for the month of June, 2015:

  • Blackjack: 99.345%
  • Table Games: 97.998%
  • Slots: 96.614%
  • Video Poker: 96.686%
  • All Games: 98.574%

Fairness audits were conducted on a subset of games using a variety of statistical tests. All audited games performed within statistically normal ranges for the stated period.

This report was produced by examining data log file summaries for the stated period generated by BetDSI Casino and supplied to Certified Fair Gambling by BetDSI Casino and Casino Solutions for the explicit purpose of preparing an independent audit of the casino’s payout performance and game fairness.

In our opinion, this data fairly and accurately represents the actual and total play for the stated period. We conclude that the payout percentages are correctly calculated based on the actual amounts wagered and winnings paid at BetDSI Casino.