Question 1

    BetDSI would like to use your answer to this survey to improve your experience. To do so, your answer to the following questions would be linked to your personal information i.e. your customer details.

    If you are happy for BetDSI to use your answers in this way, please select "YES" below.

    If you don't want this to happen and would prefer your answers to remain anonymous then please select "NO" below

    Question 2

    How likely is it that you would recommend BetDSI to a friend or colleague?

    Please use the scale below where 0 is "not at all likely" and 10 is "Extremely likely".

    Question 3

    Why are you unlikely to recommend BetDSI?

    Please give as much detail as possible

    Question 4

    Please tell us one thing you think BetDSI could improve and why.

    Please give as much detail as possible

    Question 5

    If you would have to point out one key competitor to BetDSI, which one would it be?

    Please give as much detail as possible

    Question 6

    How often you d the following?

    Sports Betting

    Financial trading

    Games / Gaming


    International money transfers

    Online Shopping



    Question 7

    Thank you very much for completing this survey! Your input is vital for improving your services! One last question: would you mind if a Paysafe researcher contacts you for a short interview via Zoom in ourder to explore the difficulties that you may have encountered with our product and try to look for a solution together! If you agree you would be asked to provide an e-mail in order to recieve and invitation. Have in mind that only limited number of respondents will be contacted.