League of Legends BASICS

Also known as LOL. The League is one of the most competitive games ever. It is a classic MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena), where two teams compete for the defeat of the Nexus.

In order to win to equal teams of 5 persons, start near their base (Nexus) and their main target is to get and destroy their competitor’s base. To get to the enemy base they have to go through 3 lanes of damage making towers, called Turrets. Each team defends their lanes with different strategies, and various numbers of heroes to choose from, called Champions. Every Champion has different abilities called Skills. Every player masters its own champion, and makes incredible combos in order to get kills or support his teammates.

The Lanes is not the only thing they have to defend. There is a scary Jungle filled with creatures called Monsters, which also give experience and money when being killed.

Money is an important part of the game. Destroying a Turret, killing a Champion, defeating a monster or simply smashing a minion gives you certain amount, which can be spend in the shop.

In the Shop you can find a huge assortment of items giving different upgrades and unique skills.

In the Professional Competitive scene the game is presented by pro teams competing in a complex structure all around the globe, having one thing in mind – becoming the world Champion!

The different tournaments apply different formats. The most popular are best of 3 and best of 5. The current game their playing is called map. The first is called map1 the second map2 etc. Other important factors are the “First blood” and the “Most kills”, giving advantage to the team that accomplishes them.

League of Legends Betting

“Who wins the match” bet

As there is no categorization between home and away. The teams have been identified by numbers. The team standing on the right sight is identified as 1 and the left team as 2.

Who wins the match
1.Team NA’VI
2.Team Liquid

If you place a bet of 10 units backing team 1. Means you think NA’VI will win and you will get 15 units. 10 * 1.5 = 15 and the profit is 5.

“First Blood” bet

The First Blood bet indicates which team will get the first kill of an enemy champion.

First Blood
1.Team NA’VI
2.Team Liquid

If you place a bet backing Team Liquid with 10 units. You would expect that a member of Team liquid will make the first kill. And this bet will be considered as won. 10*2.5=25 There is a 15 units of profit.

“Who wins the tournament” bet

This is an outright bet for the winner of the whole tournament. If there is 8 teams competing, there will be given odds for each one of them. As the favorite will be with the lowest and the underdog with the highest.

Who wins the tournament
1.Team NA’VI
2.Team Liquid
3.Example Team
4.Example Team
5.Example Team
6.Example Team
7.Example Team
8.Example Team
9.Edward Gaming

If you place a back bet for Edward Gaming to win the whole tournament, you would expect them to reach the final and win. Any other outcome will result this bet as lost.