General Rules

  1. The start dates and times displayed on our website for E-Sport matches are an indication only and are not guaranteed to be correct. If a match is suspended or postponed, and not resumed within 48 hours from the actual scheduled start time, then wagers on the match will have no action and be refunded.The exception being any wager on whether a team/player advances in a tournament, or wins the tournament, will have action regardless of a suspended or postponed match.
  2. If the name of a player/team is misspelled, all bets will stand unless it is obvious it is the wrong object.
  3. If in an official match a player plays with the wrong nickname or on a smurf-account, the result is still valid unless it is evident that it is not the player that was supposed to play that match.
  4. All wagers will be settled using the official result as declared by the relevant governing body of the competition concerned.
  5. If a draw option has not been made available, then extra time will count, if played.
  6. Handicap betting: A spread in E-Sports can be Rounds/Maps or other counting measures dependent on the game. The spread will only be referred to as the spread. (For example, in Counter Strike the spread will be rounds won, while in Starcraft 2 the spread would be maps).Handicapping is a way of making a sports contest more even and thus more interesting as a betting object. In E-Sports betting, this is done by awarding one of the teams/players, the underdog, some maps/rounds ahead
    For example:
      Handicap Odds
    Player A -1.5 2.00
    Player B +1.5 1.85

    If Player A wins the match by two maps or more, Player A bettors win and Player B bettors lose. If Player A wins by exactly one map or Player B wins, Player B bettors win and PlayerA bettors lose.

  7. Total Betting: A total in E-sports can be Rounds/Maps or other counting measures dependent on the game. The total will only be referred to as the total.
    Example for a best of three SC2 Match:
    Over 2.5 1.93
    Under 2.5 1.93

    If either player wins 2-0 all bets on under 2.5 will win, while bets on the over will lose. If either player wins 2-1 all bets on the over win, while bets on the under lose.

  8. If a match is not completed because of a player retirement or disqualification, all bets on the outcome will have action and will be validated based on the official declared winner. All bets on the spread or total will be canceled and monies refunded. Counter-Strike matches are exceptions to this rule, for which all moneyline, spread and total bets are canceled if a team retires or is disqualified before all scheduled map rounds are played.
  9. Should a player/team withdraw before a tournament begins, or retire during a tournament, bets on that player/team to win the tournament, or to advance in tournament, will be canceled and monies refunded.If the respective player/team withdraws before the tournament begins while being listed as “must start”, then wagers on whether a player/team advances in tournament or wins the tournament, will have no action and monies refunded – this applies to all players/teams participant in the tournament.
  10. If the announced number of maps/rounds is changed all bets on the handicap or total are cancelled. Bets on the moneyline (outcome of the match) have action.
  11. If a player/team is given a walkover on at least one map, all wagers on the moneyline, spread and totals will be canceled and monies refunded.
  12. Live Betting: In live betting, if a map is replayed due to a draw, disconnect or similar reasons, all live wagers on the respective map will be canceled. The replay of the map will be treated as a separate game.
  13. If one or more participating teams start the game with 3 or more different players than the ones listed when odds were published, BetDSI reserves the right to declare the game void and cancel all bets placed. Game with correct team players will be offered as a new event.