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How is the Detroit Lions schedule 2022 drawn up

With 272 games spanning 18 weeks, drawing up the NFL program is no easy job. So, what factors play out while creating the Lions schedule and the NFL calendars of other teams? You’d be surprised to know that the Detroit Lions NFL schedule is finalized in Spring, just a few months after the Super Bowl. Talking about the Detroit Lions, they must play six games against its divisional opponents per the Lions game schedule. The Lions must also play four games against teams from one division in their conference. Furthermore, the Lions NFL schedule also must have four matches against teams from another conference. That’s not all, the Lions also must play matches against teams from the two remainder divisions in its conference. The NFL Lions schedule also stipulates that the Lions play one game against a non-conference opponent. Moreover, this team must be from a division that the Lions are not scheduled to play. A few other factors play a crucial role in deciding the Lions schedule. For example, which non-NFL events are likely to occur near the Ford Field stadium? What TV schedules are ideal to ensure the highest viewership of key Lions matches? Does the Lions’ NFL program keep the players fresh all the time and ensure they put in optimal performances?


Betting on the Lions: BetDSI NFL Betting Lines and Odds

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NFL Betting Types?

There are three types of NFL bets on our platform – Moneyline, Totals, and Spreads. Moneyline is the simplest bet that you can place on any sporting event. Here, you are predicting the winner or the loser. A good example would be that of a punter wagering on the Lions to win against the Panthers. Moneyline bets are expressed in positive and negative, and the favorite has a (-) before it. Totals represent the number of points or goals both the teams are scoring in a match. As a punter, you can wager whether they will score less or more than this total. A spread is an expected margin of victory in a game.

What are NFL Futures

Many casual bettors prefer Futures Bets to others. These are wagers placed on future events, and in the context of the NFL include the following – who will win the Super Bowl, who will be the MVP, and so on. These bets are straightforward, and punters don’t need to analyze the outcome of each intervening game. Future bets also offer the best odds to casual gamblers like you. Please note that the odds on these bets change over time. Since it’s not easy to predict the outcomes of future events, the payouts on future bets are significant. Please note that future bets also have a significant house edge.

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NFL Parlay bets

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NFL Live Betting

Many online sportsbooks, including ours, have live betting options. In live betting, you can place wagers while the game is on. Also called in-play betting, live betting allows you a flexibility which very few other options have. Therefore, you can place live bets on the whole game or on specific portions of the said match. Live betting in its present form is a recent phenomenon, thanks to advances made in online betting. In the earlier days, punters could place live wagers on phone only. All this has changed now and today, you can place live wagers while watching the Detroit Lions games live on sports betting platforms.

Detroit Lions: Facts

The Lions started as the Portsmouth Spartans after their launch on July 12, 1930. Over the past 90 years, they have won four NFL championships – 1935, 1952, 1953, and 1957. This team debuted in 1930 and moved to Detroit on June 30, 1934. The Lions have won four NFL Western Division Championship s- 1935, 1952, 1953, 1954, and 1957. A side with prolific wins, the Lions have won three NFC Central Division Championships in 1983, 1991, and 1993. More interesting stats follow, so keep reading. Quarterback Dutch Clark was the first player to be inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame. Furthermore, Barry Sanders was the first 2.000- yard Lions rusher.

Detroit Lions Rivalries

The Lions-Bears rivalry is one of the longest rivalries in the National Football League. Both teams have been meeting each other at least once a season since 1930. Please bear in mind that the Bears and Lions fight it out in two of the biggest metropolises in the mid-west, Detroit, and Chicago. Therefore, you can expect that this contest always draws in huge footfalls and tremendous media attention. The Bears dominated the show during the 1930s and 1950s when Papa Bear was around. However, since 1966, this contest has been even, with the Lions holding a 55-52-1 edge. This is even though the Bears have been a successful side since 1966.

Detroit Lions schedule FAQ

How do the Lions start their schedule? Detroit begin their NFL calendar by playing a few preseason games against their contenders. These matches won’t determine Detroit’s final rankings but will help the team to beat off any lethargy. Newbies get to show their talent while the old-timers regain their momentum.

How challenging is the Detroit Lions schedule? Well, the Lions most probably get to play the Bears again in one of the National Football League regular season matches. You’ll remember that the Bears have been a very successful side in the NFL since 1966.

How is the Detroit Lions football schedule determined? Plenty of factors go into the making of this program. First, NFL executives must find a way around certain events that may disrupt the Lions’ matches. They must also craft a schedule that helps Detroit play against as many opponents as possible.

What is the importance of the Lions preseason schedule? Every team plays a few preseason games, and so will the Lions. These matches help the team to rebuild momentum and become battle-ready. Marketing-wise, preseasons are a great way to introduce the NFL to countries like China, Japan, and India.