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How does the Minnesota Vikings Schedule 2022 Look?

This season promises to be a good one as the action for the Minnesota Vikings kicks off. Everything begins in August this year with the Minnesota Vikings preseason schedule starting things off. Here, the team plays against three opponents in what can be counted as warmup games. These games are a great way to check out the form of the team and also gives you a great opportunity to see how they are gelling. Once the three preseason games are over, the main Minnesota Vikings schedule starts. Beginning in September, the Vikings play out 17 different games split between home and away. The Minnesota Vikings schedule is a little different from some of the other teams. This is because they have six games then a bye week followed by a whopping 11 games as they head into the new year. Within these games, there are 6 matchups against teams within their division. Additionally, the Vikings are scheduled to play against teams within their conference but not in the same division. This means that there is a whole lot of action to be had over the coming months. And, you can check out the entire Minnesota Vikings NFL schedule just below. Stay updated on the action as you place your bets.

What is minnesota vikings schedule in 2022?

The Minnesota Vikings schedule provides you with all the information you need to get abreast of the action on your favorite team. Excitingly, the Minnesota Vikings game schedule covers everything including the preseason games as well as the latest Vikings games during the main season itself. You can even take a look to see when the Vikings are up against some of their biggest opponents, so you can tune in for the big clashes. Or, you can opt to look for the home games.

  • Minnesota Vikings @ Las Vegas Raiders 08/14/2022 — 3.25 pm CDT Preseason games
  • Minnesota Vikings vs San Francisco 49ers 08/20/2022 — 6 pm CDT Preseason games
  • Minnesota Vikings @ Denver Broncos 08/27/2022 — 8 pm CDT Preseason games
  • Minnesota Vikings vs Green Bay Packers 09/11/2022 — 3.25 pm CDT
  • Minnesota Vikings @ Philadelphia Eagles 09/19/2022 — 7.30 pm CDT
  • Minnesota Vikings vs Detroit Lions 09/25/2022 — 12pm CDT
  • Minnesota Vikings @ New Orleans Saints 10/02/2022 — 8.30 am CDT
  • Minnesota Vikings vs Chicago Bears 10/09/2022 — 12 pm CDT
  • Minnesota Vikings @ Miami Dolphins 10/16/2022 — 12 pm CDT
  • Bye week in Week 7
  • Minnesota Vikings vs Arizona Cardinals 10/30/2022 — 12 pm CDT
  • Minnesota Vikings @ Washington Commanders 11/06/2022 — 12 pm CST
  • Minnesota Vikings @ Buffalo Bills 11/13/2022 — 12 pm CST
  • Minnesota Vikings vs Dallas Cowboys 11/20/2022 — 3.25 pm CST
  • Minnesota Vikings vs New England Patriots11/24/2022 — 7.20 pm CST
  • Minnesota Vikings vs New York Jets 12/04/2022 — 12 pm CST
  • Minnesota Vikings @ Detroit Lions 12/11/2022 — 12 pm CST
  • Minnesota Vikings vs Indianapolis Colts TBD
  • Minnesota Vikings vs New York Giants 12/24/2022 — 12 pm CST
  • Minnesota Vikings @ Green Bay Packers 01/01/2022 — 3.25 pm CST
  • Minnesota Vikings @ Chicago Bears TBD in New Year

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NFL Betting Types?

One of the most common NFL betting types is the spread bet. This is where bookies such as ourselves will put handicaps in place to try and make the bet more even. For instance, if the Vikings are the favorites to win against the Buffalo Bills, you might see something like -4 spread for the Vikings. This means that the Vikings need to win by at least 4 points in order for the bet to payout if you’ve bet on them to win. Odds do change regularly for this type of bet, so you do need to keep an eye out for the most competitive odds. There are other NFL-specific bets too.

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Minnesota Vikings Facts

The Minnesota Vikings are one of the newer expansion teams that were added to the NFL in 1960. They compete in the National Football Conference North division. As the name suggests, they play out of Minnesota, specifically calling the US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis home. Currently, the team is owned by Zygi, Leonard, and Mark Wilf. Though they are relatively successful, they are actually one of the teams who have yet to win the Super Bowl. But they actually have the all-time record and combined winning percentage of all franchises without a Super Bowl win. However, they also hold the record for most NFL playoff losses with 30!

Minnesota Vikings Rivalries

As with most NFL franchises, the Vikings have some pretty serious rivalries going on each season. A newcomer on the rival scene, the New Orleans Saints weren’t an issue until the 2009 season. Now, these two teams duke it out with some pretty important big games. Another strong rival is the Chicago Bears. This goes back to their first game in 1961 where the Vikings beat the Bears. They face off at least twice a year. Finally, the biggest rivals are the Green Bay Packers. There is always more at stake here when these two go head to head. Currently, the Packers are leading the head-to-head, but not by much.

Minnesota Vikings schedule FAQ

Where can I find the up-to-date Minnesota Vikings schedule? You can find it right here. We have the latest season schedule for the Vikings and make sure that we adjust it if things change. You can check out the official Vikings home page too.

What are some highlight games in the Minnesota Vikings schedule? Without a doubt, some of the best games are those between the big rivals. Each season it’s a good idea to look for games against the Chicago Bears or the Green Bay Packers if you want more action.

Where do the Vikings play their home games? With every Minnesota Viking schedule, you will find that there are at least 7 home games in place. These are all played at the Viking’s home stadium, the US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis.

When is the Minnesota Vikings football schedule available? All of the NFL schedules are announced in Spring. This gives the teams and management time to sort out their season and make plans. It’s usually published in May but is subject to change.