MLB 2024: Predicting the Saves Leaders

Eduardo MarinMLB

With the 2024 MLB season on the horizon, the closer role is in the spotlight, as teams finalize their bullpens with hopes of securing reliable finishers. This analysis delves into predictions for the saves leaders, highlighting both established closers and emerging dark horses who could shake up the rankings. Please check our Signup page and get started on betting.

Front-Runners for Saves Title

The race for the saves title often features a mix of seasoned veterans and rising stars, each bringing a unique skill set to the high-pressure role of closing games.

  • Established Closers: Veterans with a track record of late-game dominance are expected to lead the pack, relying on their experience and repertoire to secure wins for their teams.
  • Emerging Relievers: Young arms who have shown flashes of brilliance in high-leverage situations could rise to prominence, challenging the established order with their velocity and deception.

Dark Horse Contenders

The unpredictability of the closer role means that every season has the potential to introduce new faces to the saves leaderboard, with lesser-known relievers emerging as key contributors.

  • Under-the-Radar Arms: Relievers from smaller-market teams or those stepping into the closer role due to injury or trades could surprise the league with breakout performances.
  • Sophomore Surge: Second-year players who have adapted to the majors and refined their approach could take significant strides, vaulting into the saves conversation.

Factors Influencing the Saves Race

Several factors contribute to a pitcher’s ability to accumulate saves, from team context to individual performance and durability.

  • Team Competitiveness: Closers on contending teams generally have more opportunities to notch saves, given the frequency of close games in the hunt for the postseason.
  • Pitching Arsenal and Mentality: The most successful closers possess not only overpowering pitches but also the mental fortitude to navigate high-pressure ninth innings.


Predicting the MLB saves leaders for the 2024 season is an intriguing exercise that blends statistical analysis with speculative insight. As the season unfolds, keep an eye on the established closers and be ready for surprises from the dark horse candidates, as the race for the saves title is often full of unexpected twists and turns.