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An Overview of the NHL’s Nashville Predators

The Nashville Predators are a pro hockey team from Nashville, Tennessee. They play in the Central Division of the Western Conference of the NHL. Sometimes, fans also call them “the Preds,” a shortened form of “the Predators.” The team’s debut season was 1998-1999, less than a year after joining the NHL. However, most of their home games have been at the Bridgestone Arena since the late 1990s. In addition, Craig Leipold, the original owner of the Minnesota Wild, founded the team in 1997. The NHL granted him an expansion franchise during the expansion period of the league. See more information on the NHL.

In this article, we will highlight what you need to know about this team. We will talk about the team’s history, statistics, achievements, and notable players. Additionally, we will talk about how you can bet on this team on BetDSI. Lastly, you will find information on a recommended betting platform where you can place NHL bets. Hang around!

History of the Nashville Predators

During the expansion of the NHL in the 90s, the league granted a franchise slot to four cities: Nashville, Columbus, Ohio; Atlanta; and Minneapolis–Saint Paul. Craig Leipold would later purchase a slot for Nashville for $80 million. Afterward, they (the cities) had to meet a condition before they could play in the 1998–99 season. The condition was for them to sell at least 12,000 season tickets before March 31st, 1998. Of the four cities, only Nashville met this condition, therefore, they played first. David Poile would later become the team’s first general manager. In addition, Craig also appointed Barry Trotz as the head coach of the Nashville Predators on August 6.

However, on the 25th of September 1997, Craig, alongside the team president, unveiled the logo of the Predators. The design referred to a portion of a Smilodon skeleton that workers discovered beneath downtown Nashville in 1971. After they unveiled the logo, they had to choose a name for the team. Thus, they held a vote among the fans of the team for suggestions. They pulled three random entries out of 75 suggestions, which were: “Ice Tigers,” “Fury,” and “Attack.” Later on, Craig added his suggestion to the vote: the “Predators.” On the 13th of November, Craig announced at a press conference that his selection had won, naming the team the “Nashville Predators.”

Early Years

The predators made their debut in the 1998-99 season, but they lost to the Florida Panthers. Three nights later, they beat the Hurricanes to clinch the first win ever for the team. However, they had a poor performance overall in their debut season, finishing second to last in the Western Conference. In the subsequent season, they had an even poorer performance, and they finished last in the same conference.

At the beginning of the 2000–01 season, the Nashville Predators played two matches in Japan against the Pittsburgh Penguins. This was record-breaking as the two teams played the matches in front of the largest crowd to see a hockey game in the city. Neither side of the match won a game that day. However, the Predators achieved their 100th victory on December 6, 2001, during the 2001–02 season. Nashville’s victory made them the second-fastest expansion team to reach the 100-win mark in the 1990s. Barry Trotz, the team’s head coach, broke the record for the most games coached by the original coach of an expansion franchise in the 2002–03 season.

Torrid Times

For the first five years of its existence as a franchise, the team could not make the Stanley Cup playoffs. However, the Predators earned their first postseason appearance in 2003–04 after finishing eighth in the Western Conference. In the first round of the 2004 Stanley Cup playoffs, the Detroit Red Wings eliminated the Nashville Predators in six games. As of the time of this writing, the Predators have not won a single Stanley Cup. However, their recent performance looks promising, and we hope they finally get to lift the cup.

Nashville Predators Statistics

After an impressive run in the previous season, the Predators finished 4th in the Central Division of the Western Conference in the 2015-16 season. They played 82 games, winning 41 and losing 27. However, they only tied other teams 14 times in that season. In the following season, they ended up in the same position while playing in the 2016–17 season. They played the same number of games as the previous season, where they won the same number of matches too. However, they only lost 29 games, tying 12.

In the 2017-18 season, the Nashville Predators also played 82 games, ending up in the first position in the division. Afterward, they qualified for the playoffs only to lose 3-4 in the second round to the Jets. They kept up their excellent performance in the 2018-19 season, as they ranked 1st in their division after 82 games, 47 wins, and 29 losses. In addition, they made it to the playoffs, where they lost 2-4 in the first round against the Stars.

2019–2022 (Covid & Post-Covid)

The Nashville Predators could only play 69 games in the 2019–20 season because the NHL suspended the league. However, the suspension was because of the COVID-19 pandemic later in the season. They finished fourth that season and lost in the qualifying round of the playoffs.

The NHL limited the number of games each team in the league could play in the 2020–21 season to 56 games. However, the Nashville Predators only won 31 of those matches and lost 23, tying just 2. In the end, they finished fourth in the Central Division of the Western Conference. Also, they made the playoffs in that season but lost 2-4 in the first round to the Hurricanes.

Nashville Predators Rivalries

Rivalries are a way to keep the fun going in a league. This is no different for the Predators, who have gained a few in their journey to glory. Here, we will mention a few of those rivalries. Keep reading!

Detroit Red Wings

This has always been one team that has been a thorn in the Predators’ side ever since they entered the NHL. Detroit was always ready to smack Nashville back down whenever they were about to make a splash in the division.

For the first time in the team’s history, the Predators completed the division ahead of Detroit in 2012. After that, they would compete in the opening round of the playoffs. The Nashville Predators and Detroit Red Wings have already met twice in the playoffs before this matchup. Both times, the Red Wings prevailed, but in 2012, the Predators broke that pattern. The Preds finally prevailed in the rivalry after winning the series 4-1.

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NHL Betting Types

The NHL betting market is one of the popular markets in the betting industry. Many fans who follow the NFL will enjoy betting on it on BetDSI. This section discusses the different types of NHL bets you can play on BetDSI.

Money Line Bet

The money line bet offers the bettor the simplest choice: to predict the match winner. However, the odds vary depending on whom the favorites and underdogs are. Typically, the underdogs get higher odds than the favorites. You win the bet when your prediction matches the result of the game. For instance, a match between the Nashville Predators and the Montreal Canadiens wins you the bet if your prediction matches the match winner.

Game and Player Props

This bet explores other NHL market possibilities that are unrelated to the game’s outcome. The gambler has the choice to predict additional outcomes that might take place throughout a game. They have the choice to wager on a player’s game-day performance as opposed to the result. Because it’s a more random outcome, this choice is riskier.


With the help of the totals option, a bettor can determine whether a certain game’s result will fall over or under a mark that the sportsbook has set. Although the options in this market appear straightforward, luck ultimately has the most influence. The odds are smaller, but you can still make money.

Live Betting

This is the most exciting option at a sportsbook. It gives the punter the option to place bets on matches while they’re going on. This allows the punter to make more informed decisions based on the pace of the game. For example, you can bet on the Nashville Predators while simultaneously tracking the game with a live match tracker.

NHL puck line bet

Puck line betting is when you wager on a team to win by over one goal or not lose by over one goal. The bookmaker shows the favorites with a negative value before their line, while the odds for the underdogs have a positive value. Puck line bets only have two betting possibilities because they are two-way markets. This improves your chances of being a successful bettor.

60-Minute Line Bet

The moneyline wager and this option are extremely similar. However, this betting type includes the three periods of play, which is the only difference. The outcome of the wager, however, is completely based on the final score following the third session of play.


Future wagers are bets you place a few days or weeks before the event. You can take your time to conduct a thorough study before placing bets, which provides you with the advantage of logical betting. For instance, you can wager on the Nashville Predators to win the Stanley Cup. However, depending on when you placed it, this bet can take several weeks to pay out.