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Tournament Schedule

Tournaments' Name Estimated Date 1st Place Prize
Baccarat May 01, 2016 - May 01, 2016 Top 10 players get prizes, Top 5 get Cash.
Leaderboard Contests Rules
  • In the event of a tie, the prize will may be divided equally between the tying players.
  • All contest chips are for tournament use only.
  • An entry will be completed if either the chip count goes to $0 or 50 hands are played.
  • All "Promotional" or "Comped" entries awarded expire by the end of the tournament. Expired entries will not be re-issued or are retroactive.
  • It is the "Players" responsibility in communicating his/hers preferred action with the “Dealer”. No exceptions will be made.
  • Minimum bet of 1 and a maximum bet of 100.
  • You must play all 50 hands for your entry to qualify. There is a hand indicator visible at the top of the game window.
  • Entry must be completed before the tournament ends or it will automatically forfeit.
  • Split hands are considered additional hands.
  • Player must play all hands for score to be considered final. Any score where all 50 hands are not played will be voided.
  • Unlimited Re buys are allowed; however only the highest score per player will be awarded.
  • Winnings will be credited to player accounts within 24-48 hours after the tournament closes.
  • Top 7 positions will be paid unless it's specified otherwise on the scoreboard.
  • Only USD denominated accounts are eligible to participate.

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