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Odds Converter

This sports handicapping tool will help you convert the different types of odds that you see when you place a bet to the format of your choice. Our odds converter tool is a money line odds calculator and decimal odds converter as well as fractional odds converter. Since different styles odds are used in different parts of the world this is the perfect tool to view them in your preferred format.

Money Line Odds (Also known as American Odds)

  • The money line odds format is used by most US sportsbooks
  • Only shows the profit amount of a bet.
  • When the money line has a positive sign (+) in front of it, the amount quoted is the amount of money you would win if you place a $100 bet. The team or player with the plus (+) sign in front of it is known as the underdog, which in the case of winning the game/match offers a higher payout.
  • When the money lines has a negative sign (-) in front of it, the amount quoted is the amount of money you would need to risk in order to win $100. The team or player who has a minus (-) sign in front of it is known as the favorite, which in the case of winning the game/match the payout would be lower.

The money line represents the profit a bettor would make on a $100 bet. This does not include the original bet you place. For example if the money line stands at +110 this means you would have to bet $100 to win $110. So you get your initial $100 back plus the $110 you just earned. And this works the same the other way around for the negative lines. If a money line stands at -160 and this bet wins than you get your initial $160 back plus $100 of profit.

Decimal Odds (Also known as European)

  • The decimal odds format is mostly used by European, Canadian and Australian sportsbooks.
  • The total amount displayed includes your stake as part of your total return.
  • Decimal odds are the most common form of odds quoted in countries outside the UK.
  • The number will never be below 1.00
  • The team with the higher number is the underdog, making the favorite the team with the lower number. For example: Cleveland 2.80 Toronto 1.45 as you can see the return when betting on Toronto is lower than if you placed a bet on Cleveland, therefore making Toronto the favorite for this match.

When using the decimal odds all you have to do is multiply the risking amount times the odds, so if you bet $100 * 2.25 = $225 this includes the $100 you originally risked, leaving you a profit of $125. In American odds it would be presented to you as +125. As we explained previously the American odds is based on profit while the European odds is based on full return. These odds are also known as continental odds in some parts of the UK.

Fractional Odds (Also known as Traditional or British)

  • The fractional odds are mostly used in the United Kingdom and Ireland
  • These odds are most common in horse racing bets.
  • Fractional odds quote the profit relative to your stake if you win.

Enter the odds in any format and click Convert:

  • Fractional Odds:
  • (eg 1/5)
  • Decimal Odds:
  • (eg 1.2)
  • Moneyline Odds:
  • (eg -500)